Wine and German — What you like and would like

Every spring and autumn there is a wine exhibition in Zurich. Its a great place to go and try new wines, see what is available and even buy wines. A good sales person won’t try to sell you on the most expensive wine right away, nor suggest the cheapest wine in the selection without asking you, the guest and potential customer, what you like. By being able to discuss what you like and would like, you will be able to function better in sales situations and get what you really want.

While using a complex grammatical structure, this is actually quite simple and many of you have been using it from the first day you started learning German. To do this we need the verbs haben and mögen and their variations.

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  1. […] If you speak even the slightest bit of German, you’ve probably been using Konjuntiv II. Remember: “Ich hätte gern einen Kaffee.” and “Möchten Sie etwas trinken?” Yes, simple sentences use Konjuntiv II. (Read about hätten gern and möchten) […]

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