Same Same, but different — dasselbe / das Gleiche

As we have often seen German has a knack for precison and accuracy, whereby many works are specific to one thing and can’t be used for multiple functions like is so commonly done in English. An example of this is that German has two words for “the same”. So when you’re standing there at the cheese counter and you’d also like 250 g of the Appenzeller like the person who just ordered before you, what do you say? “Den Gleichen, bitte.” or “Denselben, bitte.”?

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  1. Ich denke dass, die vierte Übung falsch geantwortet ist. Computer ist maskulin, also “der”, aber wie Sie haben dort “die gleichen” geschriben.

  2. Ahh ok, die plural form der Computer ist “die Computer”, nicht “die Computern”. Richtig?

    1. Ganz genau 🙂 den Computern (Dativ Plural)

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