Understanding German Verbs Part I

Verbs, we’re all familiar with the term, but when it comes to actually understanding it we sometimes get flustered. In grade school teachers said they were -ing words. Others learned that they are doing words. Well that is all fine and dandy for some of us, but when it comes to the verbs “to be” and “to have” we seldom think of them in a continuous form (-ing) or as an action. So how are “to be” and “to have” verbs and what are verbs?

We’ve moved. You’ll find the full article here: http://marathonsprachen.com/understanding-verbs/



  1. […] the verb has a separable prefix the zu is placed between the prefix and the verb and written together. (z.B. Er versucht, das […]

  2. […] subject of the sentence. The thing in the nominative is the doer of the verb. Like in English subject-verb agreementis important. Let’s look at how this works for possessive […]

  3. […] the chart like the one I’ve provided to systematically learn the […]

  4. […] you notice I gave you the most important verb conjugations? If you don’t have them memorized yet, here are your three verbs for this week. 47.395101 […]

  5. […] simple. I know that’s a mouth full of grammar talk, but all it means is conjugate the verb to the ihr form. Then like with the informal singular you leave out the subject. Macht eure […]

  6. Ein gut website für Deutsch lernein.

  7. Ankit Khandelwal · · Reply

    Wunderschön website für Deutsch lernerin.

  8. […] and diversifying the city. Of course there is plenty of opportunity to practice using the perfect tense. However, when it came to talking about where people were from and/or where they’d recently come […]

  9. […] A few weeks ago one of our Facebook flowers asked me to write about using the perfect (das Perfekt)in German. This post is mean to be an answer to that question and a detailed continuation of the posts “Understanding German Verbs 1 & 2.“ […]

  10. […] German Verbs 1 […]

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