machen vs. tun | to make vs. to do

There are many word pairs in German that are quite confusing when one comes from English into German. I’ve already said in an earlier post that German is the language of making and driving. After having many people ask me about the difference between “tun” (to do) and “machen” (to make / to do), I thought I would dedicate this blog to clarifying the situation.

We’ve moved. You’ll find the full article here:



  1. Very helpful Christian. I tell you, there is no need for me to go back to German classes. I just gotta follow your blog posts more often. This is great stuff, keep it coming. I’m taking a hint from you as well. One of my upcoming posts will be a photography technique article. Stay tuned…

  2. […] see someone in German is reflexive and “Make my homeworks” tells us that in German they machen their homework and not tun it as well as they have more homework than English speakers, which is […]

  3. […] speakers are makers and drivers and that when in doubt, travel is done by driving and other things that are normally “done” in English are “made” in German. While Germans can make many things, one of the things that they can’t is friends. “Freunde […]

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