Prepositions Part 3: Two-Way Prepositions

So for the past two weeks we’ve been learning our accusative and dative preposition. We’ve made up rhymes and sing them to waltzes and we feel confident. What are the most important ones? Right!

We’ve moved. You’ll find the full article here:



  1. […] at prepositions for the last four weeks. We’ve been busy learning our accusative, dative and two-way prepositions. Songs and mantras have been created and you’ve learned the most used prepositions. At the bottom […]

  2. […] which we can all remember fall into the following four categories: accusative, dative, two-way, and genitive. Have you mantrafied and memorized them […]

  3. […] that there is an “n” on Herr. That’s because it’s an address and the preposition an is implied as in “to Mr. Mustermann”. The an here shows direction, it is therefore in the […]

  4. […] vor is a two-way preposition. When we use it for time, it takes the dative. It also means “ago” like in the second […]

  5. […] **Note as well that in Urlaub fahren has in as an accusative preposition, while im Urlaub sein has in as a dative preposition. Review your two-way-prepositions here. […]

  6. […] at the prepositions used in the examples: on televsion = im Fernsehen, works in television = arbeitet beim […]

  7. […] notice that while seit is always a dative preposition, when we use vor as a time preposition it is also in the dative form. For that reason the word Jahre (plural of das Jahr) takes an n […]

  8. […] German two-way Prepositions 47.395156 8.510251 Share this:EmailPrintFacebookTwitterDiggStumbleUponLinkedInRedditLike this:LikeOne blogger likes this. […]

  9. […] about in German or is used for talking about where something is or is moving over. Read more about German two-way prepositions […]

  10. […] German there are four types of prepositions: accusative, dative, two-way, and […]

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