Modalpartikeln – German Filler Words

In class the other day we were working on a few dialogues. Authentic sounding dialogues are important for language learners to do, because they help give the students a feel for the language’s rhythm. Often they need to be done over and over again. Though this may sound tedious and boring it is important. One needs to equate it with singing. Practicing the same song over and over again, until one can sing it without looking at the lyrics. To all you German learners out there, practice your dialogues and to all you language teachers, don’t be afraid to repeat dialogues numerous times.

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  1. Hi Christian,
    I think your language blog is super. I just wanted to let you know. I read it from time to time and your simple explanations are helpful.
    Today, reading your article about Modalpartikeln I felt inspired to leave a comment.
    Using Modalpartikeln you can change the tone of your sentence and also as one of my German teachers suggested, you can change your level of politeness.
    This is something that, like you say, takes practice and more practice until you get it right. I’m still practicing…

    1. Liebe Helen,

      vielen Dank für deine Nachricht. Es freut mich sehr, dass Du den Blog hilfreich findest. Das ist genau richtig — die Modalpartikeln können auch die Höflichkeit des Satzes ändern.

      Schöne Grüsse

  2. I just went first time through the whole blog, it’s just brilliant and so useful for me as a TA, I love it! Thank you Christian!

  3. Louisa Branch · · Reply

    Hi Christian

    Great blog 🙂 I look forward to dropping some of these into my day to day German chit chat!

    The following post popped up on the Economist Johnson blog today and I couldn’t help but think of your post about German discourse markers!

    Ps. Next time I will comment in German (but currently my brain is overloaded with work and cookies!).

    1. Danke für das positive Feedback Louisa. Es freut mich sehr, dass der Blog dir gefällt und nützlich ist. Übrigens ist der Artikel über Rick Perry sehr interessant.

      Schöne Grüsse

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