Descriptive Adverbs – Wie?

Happy New Year! (Frohes Neues!). 2012 started in Zurich with a bang as it does in many other cities around the world. One thing that I’ve noticed differentiates New Year’s Eve in the German speaking world from other areas is that people shoot off fireworks until early in the morning. At no other time of year will you see so many fireworks being fired off, as on New Year’s Eve.

We’ve moved. You’ll find the full article here:



  1. Hello & Happy New Year. I just wanted to say I really like this blog you’ve set up! I’m trying to learn German in my spare time and am already finding it very useful!

    1. Danke für Dein nettes Feedback! Wir machen das sehr gerne. Wir wünschen Dir auch ein frohes neues Jahr und viel Erfolg beim Deutschlernen!

  2. […] here that adverbs do not take endings (adjectives take endings). Therefore, you know that if you are asking this […]

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