Running in German — The exception to the rule

Last week I gave you a weekly planner to get fit in German. Today I’m talking about another kind of fitness that was spurred on by yesterday’s run with AnneMarie. It was almost Forrest Gump style running, we didn’t just go out on our regular loop. We set off from Zurich and kept going in the direction of Zug (the canton and city, not the object). In the words of Forrest Gump “we just kept on running”. When all was said and done we funnily completed 41.41 km. A nice Sunday run. This had me thinking about the German word for “to run“.

We’ve moved. You’ll find the full article here:



  1. Hallo!

    I’m currently living in Bonn, Germany and am also trying to learn the language! I can hold a basic conversation w/ the locals and add in some Redewendungen like “Naschkatze” and “Jacke wie Hose”, but my vocab is seriously lacking! I’m really glad to have found your blog/website! It is awesome!!!

    I am also a runner. I found this by just Googling “german running words” or something to that nature b/c I wanted to have the right vocab to talk to someone about Laufschuhe or something. This is awesome and I look forward to reading all your entries! If only I had time to update my blog with running stories …

    Mfg aus Bonn,

    1. Lieber Julian,

      Danke für dein nettes und begeistertes Feedback!

  2. There’s no exact word in German meaning to walk, caminare, marcher, caminhar.
    “langsam auf den Füssen gehen”? Very complicated.

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