Ostern steht vor der Tür — German Easter Vocabulary & Tradition

Easter is once again upon us. In Switzerland, Austria, and Germany Easter is a serious holiday. Even though you’re sure to see the famous golden Lindt Easter bunnies in the shops as early as late January, the holiday is about more than Easter baskets and chocolates. It is still seen as a very important religious holiday and you can count on shops and businesses being closed on Good Friday (Karfreitag) and Easter Sunday and Monday (Ostersonntag und Ostermontag).

In this post we’ll look at some of the most important Easter terminology to help you understand what’s going on.

We’ve moved. You’ll find the full article here: http://marathonsprachen.com/ostern-steht-vor-der-tur-german-easter-vocabulary-tradition/



  1. […] For this (rather short) blog post, I am indebted to Marathon Sprechen’s informative article on Easter vocabulary and traditions. […]

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