sehen / schauen / gucken / luegen… Seeing in German doesn’t have to be that hard

If you’ve ever taken a language course, you know that good language teachers and trainers try to engage their students and get them to speak. One of the most common questions that teachers ask is “How was your weekend? What did you do?” (Wie war dein Wochenende? Was hast du gemacht?) This usually receives a flurry of different responses. One of the most common is telling me about something they have seen. And there we have the stumbling block. What verb should they use? sehen (habegesehen), schauen (habe … geschaut), ansehen (habeangesehen), gucken (habegeguckt), luegen … (hagluegt). It’s a common question and in this post you’ll learn how to say you’ve seen something like a sign and a movie.

We’ve moved. You’ll find the full article here:


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  1. Ich bin gleicher Auffassung wie auch mein Vorredner – sehr wissenswert veröffentlichter Bericht. Weiter so!

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