vor vs. bevor vs. vorher — yes, there’s a difference!

Last week we looked at the words nach, nachdem and nachher. We learned that these words, while they can be used to convey the same information, have different grammatical functions and word order and event order must be observed. This week we’ll look at their counterparts: vor, bevor and vorher.

We’ve moved. You’ll find the full article here: http://marathonsprachen.com/vor-vs-bevor-vs-vorher-yes-theres-a-difference/



  1. Just disovered your site. Great article – thanks.

    Can you explain how vorhin fits in?

  2. […] remember that vor can be used to mean before if a specific event (noun) is used. z.B. Vor der Party war alles sauber. (Before the party […]

  3. Gilberto · · Reply

    Thanks for this amazing website and for teaching us learners the differences between vor, bevor, vorher, nach, nachher, nachdem.
    Are there any more confusing words like this for telling the time? thanks!

  4. Just discovered this goldmine of a site. Perfect for helping an intermediate speaker like me advance my understanding of this beautiful language. Thank you so much.

  5. What about “ehe”???

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