Talking about the past in German: seit vs. vor

Dealing with the past in German often leads to long and deep conversations. Fortunately, this blog is not meant to be political or historical, so I will keep me post short. I want to look at the prepositions vor and seit, when used in time expressions.

German and English speakers don’t talk about the past in the same way. If they no longer live there, English speakers use the past tense in these expressions, “I used to live in Zurich,” or “I lived in Zurich.”

We’ve moved. You’ll find the full post here:



  1. Couldn’t keep myself from saying that this is very nicely done. Comprehensive information and crisp pictures. Keep posting!

  2. Tirrell · · Reply

    Very helpful. Very clear and good examples. Thanks much!

  3. This is what i was looking for. Thanks a lot

  4. This is exactly what I have been looking for. Great examples, well explained, definitely will be following more from you! Keep up the good work!

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