Where you’re from — Using the German prepositions von and aus

During last week’s Stammtisch here in Zurich, many people were speaking about where they were from and where they had recently traveled to. It’s always great to hear about people’s background and see the plurality of different cultures that are moving to Switzerland and diversifying the city. Of course there is plenty of opportunity to practice using the perfect tense. However, when it came to talking about where people were from and/or where they’d recently come from many people were making a von/aus mistake. So I thought I’d address this issue in today’s blog post.

We’ve moved. You’ll find the full post here: http://marathonsprachen.com/where-youre-from-using-the-german-prepositions-von-and-aus/



  1. […] We use the preposition aus to suggest origin or what things are made of in German. When implying origin we generally use the verb kommen (place of origin) or stammen (time of origin). With the verb sein we say what it’s made of. Read more about von vs. aus. […]

  2. nandini · · Reply

    how do i view the answers for the exercise given above.

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