Giving Thanks in German — German Thanksgiving Vocabulary

This coming Thursday (Donnerstag) Americans in the United States and all over the world will once again celebrate their Thanksgiving festival (das Erntedankfest; literally festival in thanks of the harvest). Next to Christmas (Weihnachten) this is one of the most important celebrations in the US and many countries have similar festivals, though they may not be celebrated with as much gusto – in the German speaking countries most towns have their own Erntedankfest, though it is usually not a holiday, but rather a large celebration that takes place earlier in the autumn on either a Saturday (Samstag) or Sunday (Sonntag). In some areas though, the St. Martin’s Day (Martinstag) is the equivalent of Thanksgiving. Lange Rede, Kurzer Sinn – Thanksgiving is also celebrated outside the US.

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  1. …and when Swiss and American traditions collide, you get the handy piece of Thanksgiving cooking advice, featured in this week’s Migros Magazin: “Der Speck auf der Brust hält den Vogel saftig.” Mmmm, lecker!

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