Skiwortschatz — German Ski Vocabulary

It’s January and in German-speaking Europe that means it’s skiing season (die Skisaison). The word Ski in German presents this very phonetic language with a bit of a challenge because Germans typically say “she” for Ski and often even spell it as such: Schi. This has to do with its origin. The word actually comes from Norwegian (aus dem Norwegischen) ski, which in German means a split piece of wood (das Scheit). The plural of the Ski/Schi is also Ski and/or Skier and or Schi or Schier. Some dialects like in Wallis even pronounce the word Schki (with a “ki” sound).

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One comment

  1. Lessig! Danke vielmals! Jetzt will i scho’ Alles Fahrt Schi singen!

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