German Verbs with Separable Prefixes — Trennbare Verben

You’ve probably had this happen to you before: You’re reading a German sentence and you’re convinced you know what’s happening. The verb is in the second position and then you get to the end of the sentence and there’s a preposition, but nothing after it, just a period. End of sentence. You’re confused. Don’t fret though the same thing is happening to 99.9% or English learners when English speakers use phrasal verbs. In fact, you might want to think of German separable verbs (trennbare Verben) as the German equivalent of phrasal verbs (though there are verb preposition combinations too).

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  1. […] with the separable prefixes the meaning of these verbs can rarely if ever be deduced from the stem […]

  2. Khushi Jain · · Reply

    awesome site…………….. Now I can score good marks in my german exam

    Thanks a lot


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