Possessivartikel im substantivischen Gebrauch — Mine & Yours in German

One of the most viewed posts on this blog is the one about possessive adjectives in German (my = mein, your = dein, his = sein, her = ihr …). What makes these a little confusing for many people learning German is that you need to know if the person, who possesses the person/thing is first, second, or third person, plural and if they are in the third person the gender. Then you need to know the case that you’re in and the number and/or gender of the thing that is being possessed. This sounds more complicated than it is, but if you’re still unclear read the post here.

We’ve moved. You’ll find the full article here: http://marathonsprachen.com/possessivartikel-im-substantivischen-gebrauch-mine-yours-in-german/


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