Explaining your actions in German — using um … zu and damit clauses

A post that gets a great deal of attention is the one about how zu is not always used as an preposition, but often with verbs whereby it is followed by the infinitive of the verb. If you haven’t read that post yet, I highly suggest you do after reading this one.

We’ve moved. You’ll find the full article here: http://marathonsprachen.com/explaining-your-actions-in-german-using-um-zu-and-damit-clauses/



  1. Thank you!!!

  2. Hi Christian, nice post dealing with something that REALLY matters in German tests as far as my experience goes.
    2 things… welll actually 3…

    lange Stunden arbeiten – is that correct in Switzerland? In Germany people would just say “lange” or use “Überstunden machen”

    Then, you mentioned that um is an accusative preposition, which is of course correct but I was a little confused at first because being a conjunction (I think) um has no bearing on what cases occur in the um-zu-sentence.

    And then finally, I answered your mail last week but since a few days, I was not able to log into my mailbox for some annoying reason. Your mail actually ended up in my spam folder and since my private mail is different than the contact on my page, mine might have ended up as spam, too. So just to make sure… did you get the mail?

    Gruss aus Berlin 🙂

  3. […] Explaining your actions in German — using um … zu and damit clauses | Marathon Sprachen […]

  4. Great and clear explanation. I got this topic at last.

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