German indefinite pronouns – not being explicit, maybe in vague

I have often written and still maintain that German is a language of precision. However, when it comes to indefinite pronouns, many are left scratching their heads. First off German has many indefinite pronouns that are very similar in meaning and using the correct depends more on how well the speaker/writer understands common German collocations than grammar and also having a feel for the language. As always, I maintain here, keep working at it. The more you speak, the more you listen the more ingrained those collocations will get. As it’s Oktoberfest time, head to a local Oktoberfest tent, hopefully no matter where in the world you are they are also blaring some Schlager and learn some German there — or chatting to the friendly Germans sitting at your long table and dancing on the benches.

We’ve moved. You’ll find the full article here:


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