German Grammar Basics — What you need to know to understand German

I’ve been teaching German for almost ten years, and the one thing that I understand is that many learners have such a tough time because of grammatical terminology. In English speaking school systems, grammar is generally avoided, whereas German seems to worship grammar. One could say that the formal teaching of English grammar has been superseded by communicative teaching approaches. Yet, while the communicative approach is great for young learners it is not as ideal for mature learners wishing to gain a grasp of a foreign language quickly. Furthermore, understanding grammar is a way to answer the often posed “why’s it like that?” question one may have when learning a language. Of course there are expressions, especially prepositional phrases, that at times seem to not follow any grammatical rule, but rather seem to have developed and never gone away, cementing themselves in a language. Having now given my little rant on grammar and its importance, it all seems futile if you don’t understand grammar terminology.

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  1. You need to fix ‘grammar and it’s importance’. 😉

  2. aquilone · · Reply

    Your blog is wunderbar!! Vielen Dank!

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