Oktoberfest Terminology and Songs

welcome to oktoberfestWhen many people think of Germany there are a few things that come to mind, but one of them is usually Oktoberfest. The world’s largest folk festival (Volksfest) and it’s been taking place since 1810 attracting over 6 million visitors. The original Oktoberfest takes place in Munich (München) and the locals simply call it Wien, because it takes place on the Theresienwiese (a large park/field) in Munich. For many, the highlight of the Oktoberfest are the beer tents set up by the different Munich breweries — a reason you won’t find Schneider Weisse or heaven forbid Becks on the Wiesn. In the tents, the larger ones of which are the size of Canadian Community ice hockey rinks, traditional music and Schlager music is played, beer is drank and people eat traditional foods like Weisswürste (traditional sausage of pork and veal) and Brathendl (roasted chicken). Many of the visitors also sing and dance along to the music. Knowing the lyrics is thus important and a great way to enjoy the festival (see below).


We’ve moved our site. You’ll find the full article here: http://marathonsprachen.com/oktoberfest-terminology-and-songs/


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