We’ve moved…

Screen Shot 2013-10-31 at 20.40.26Dear followers of the Marathon Sprachen WordPress blog,

After two years of trying to unravel the mysteries of the German language here, we’ve decided to move. The new site is at http://www.marathonsprachen.com and features some asked for services like recommended books. We’d greatly appreciate it if you would follow us from the new site.

Your comments and questions are important for driving us forward. Thank you for your support!

Kind regards!

Christian & AnneMarie



  1. Your link to your new marathonsprachen site is broken: it redirects back here.

    You were first in Google page rank, but link rot will change that. I’d suggest leaving the first paragraphs from your old posts, and then have a link forwarding readers to your new site for the rest of the content. That should smooth things over for users, referrers linking here, and Google.

    1. Thanks for the tip Derek.

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