After years of having a WordPress hosted blog, we’ve finally integrated our content into our site and did a redesign. Please visit the new blog at www.marathonsprachen.com/blog The same great content at a new location.

Marathon Sprachen started with the desire to teach languages. The German word Beruf (career) comes from the word Berufung (calling). Teaching is our calling. We want to help you speak German better, faster. This blog has been designed to unravel the complexities of German grammar in English. We do our best to write one blog post every week.

If you have a question that you would like us to write about or any question, please let us know. Contact us at info@marathonsprachen.com.

Even though the internet is full of free learning resources, to really learn a language you’ll need a good teacher or to jump into the language by immersing yourself in it.

We hope you enjoy this blog and that it helps you on your path to speaking and understanding German better.

If you’re looking for a language course, we have courses starting all the time. Visit us online at: www.marathonsprachen.com



  1. Oops the link above, http://www.marathonsprachen.com, is directing to a page that is not found. fyi – and thank you for the wonderful articles. I learn so much from your posts.

    1. Danke Corinne! Erhoben 🙂

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