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When to use the German Future Tense

With the holidays (die Weihnachtszeit) just around the bend many of us are busy making plans of what we’re going to do before the family arrives and what we’ll do once they get here. Talking about the future in English is very clear: either use “going to + infinitive” or “will + infinitive”. We’ve moved. […]

Modalpartikeln – German Filler Words

In class the other day we were working on a few dialogues. Authentic sounding dialogues are important for language learners to do, because they help give the students a feel for the language’s rhythm. Often they need to be done over and over again. Though this may sound tedious and boring it is important. One […]

Saying “there” in German (da vs. dort vs. hier)

When learning any new languages, one of the hardest things for most people to do is to stop translating word for word from their first language to the new language. Even if you have a large vocabulary doing this will still render more incorrect sentences than correct ones. The same is true from between German […]