German Courses with Marathon Sprachen

Learn a new language with us!

In order to meet our objective of offering the best possible service to our students we have four different types of language instruction to choose from. Each is designed to meet the needs and desires of different students and can be customized to the students’ needs and desires.

Five types of Instruction:

  • Private: for those wanting as much personal instruction and to learn quickly. (read more…)
  • Semi-Private: for those who want to learn with others (no more than 4). In-Company teaching follows a similar structure. (read more …)
  • Languages on the Run: try something new by combining your fitness training with your language training. An excellent choice for busy people. (read more …)
  • Couples Language: Designed for couples as a way to better language skills together. (read more …)

Your advantages:

  • Tailored to your needs
  • We accomodate your schedule

Get started today!


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  1. ich mochte email auf Detsch benutzen

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