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machen vs. tun | to make vs. to do

There are many word pairs in German that are quite confusing when one comes from English into German. I’ve already said in an earlier post that German is the language of making and driving. After having many people ask me about the difference between “tun” (to do) and “machen” (to make / to do), I […]

Same same but different — aber vs. sondern

It’s that day of the year again, when we in europe decide that we should all set our clocks to be an hour earlier. Spring ahead. Americans and Canadians did this two weeks ago. The result is a lack of sleep and confusion both mentally and physiologically as we force our bodies to reset their […]

German Linguistic Precision Part I — The German word for “put”

How does one say, “Just put that down over there.” in German? Though the sentence is quite simple it is the source of much frustration to English speakers learning German. What is the German verb for “to put”? Type “to put” into LEO and the following translations come up: anbringen, anwenden, legen, setzen. There are […]